Spacestation Defense

Spacestation Defense is a cooperative, realtime strategy game where players defend a spacestation (don't you dare tell me to spell it with a space) against waves of enemy ships.

The spacestation is made of components like turrets, connectors, shield generators, and power generators. Players share control of allied forces, and can assign targets for the turrets, turn components on and off to ration power and recharge shields, micromanage allied ships, and collect scrap from destroyed enemies and use it to build new allied ships or station components.

The game is in an early stage. There's janky menus, bugs, non-final art, and very little playtesting has been done. I plan to offer paid accounts once it's more complete. You'll still be able to play for free, but paying will get you extra features like alternative game modes, unit skins, custom mission scripts, who knows.

I'll also add more stuff like screenshots to the website later.


play in web browser

download for x86_64-linux-gnu (get this if you don't know which Linux version to get)

download for x86_64-linux-musl

(Both the Linux builds require X11 or Xwayland. If someone asks, I could offer native Wayland or non-x86 builds too.)

Wait, where's the Windows build?

TLDR: Microsoft won't let you have a Windows build. Go yell at them.

The Windows build had a strange networking problem that I spent many hours trying to debug. I wasn't going to give up, but Windows kept fucking deleting my test files in the name of "security" even when I turned "virus & threat protection" off, and it harassed me in this way so much I decided fuck Windows. Spacestation Defense is a Linux-only game for the foreseeable future.

Here's the networking problem btw: As you can see the Zig people tagged it with milestone 0.13.0, so they probably won't look at it any time soon.

What about Mac and BSD builds?

Planned, it's just that I don't know any users of these platforms who are interested, so I have little motivation to add them. If you want them, tell me and I'll add them.

Source code

This game is source-available (note this is not the same thing as open source or free software):


This game is made by Yujiri, whose contact info is here:


This game is made with the Zig programming language, the Raylib game library, a Raylib-Zig binding based on one created by Nikolas Wipper, and a websocket library by Karl Seguin. Art made in GIMP.